February 2021

February 3 2021

10 Things You Need To Know About Angles Part 2 Pastor Jesse McCammon



February 7 2021

The Importance of Obeying God’s Commands Bro. Jerel Clanney


God’s Main Requirement for His Children Bro. Jerel Clanney 

Who Is Jesus To You? Bro. Jerel Clanney
February 10 2021
Biblical Missions Principles Pastor Jesse McCammon



February 14 2021

Grow In Grace And Giving Evangelist Dr. Maury Gibson


Different Types of Giving Evangelist Dr. Maury Gibson 

Missions Giving Evangelist Dr. Maury Gibson


How Will You Serve The Lord, Missionary to South Sudan Africa Bro. James Baxter 


Are We Listing To The Call of the Master, Missionary to South Sudan Africa  Bro. James Baxter 



February 24 2021

Supporting Missionaries Pastor Jesse McCammon