August 2016

August Audio Sermons:

August 3 2016

“Be Content With Where The Lord Put You” Bro. Jim Frederick


August 7 2016

“Who Is Jesus To You” Bro. Rex Closson


“The Wedge Of Discouragement” Pastor Mike Evans


August 10 2016

Nelson Dorr Missionaries to Sonora Mexico


August 14 2016

“Put On A New Image” Bro Rex Closson


“How Do We Responded To Sinners” Pastor Mike Evans


August 14, 17 2016

Jonathan Washer From “Inside The Lines Ministries”



August 21 2016

“Set Apart” Bro. Rex Closson


“What Can You Do To Give Back ?”  Bro. Steve Welty


Bro. Jim Frederick


August 24 2016

“The Faithful Man” Pastor Mike Evans


August 28 2016

“The Genealogy Must Continue” Bro. Rex Closson


“Aspects Of Revival” The Bible Pastor Mike Evans


“What Did Jesus Teach” Pastor Mike Evans


August 31 2016

“The Happy Man” Pastor Mike Evans