Fall Bible Conference 2018

                 Fall Bible Conference With Bro. Steve Hart

                                                                          Also Featuring: “The Jeremiah Hart Family”


Sunday September 30 2018

“Rejoicing In The Vine” Bro. Jeremiah Hart 


“Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree” Bro. Steve Hart 


“Have Faith In God” Bro. Steve Hart



Monday October 1 2018

“Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness” Bro. Steve Hart

(Note this has some audio issues in the first few minutes)


Tuesday October 2 2018

“Prayer, Ask What I Shall Give You” Bro. Steve Hart 


Wednesday October 3 2018

“A Study Of Simon” Bro. Steve Hart


Thursday October 4 2018

“Where Are You At With God” Bro. Steve Hart


Friday October 5 2018

“Paul’s Present” Bro. Steve Hart