Guest Speakers

Spring Revival Evangelist Oliver Araiza April 23-26 2023

8 Types of Leaven 


When It Is Come To Pass, Ye May Believe


Being A Living Epistle 


The Truth Will Set You Free 


The Burning Bush Baptist Church


We Are His Workmanship



Byron Foxx 2022

Ever Lasting Consolation Bro. Byron Foxx


Ask God Bro. Byron Foxx


Our Mission To Disciple Bro. Byron Foxx


“Learning To Be A Soul Winner” Bro. Byron Foxx


Ask God Bro. Byron Foxx


“The 4 D’s” Bro Byron Foxx


“The Benefits of Christian Music” Bro Byron Foxx



Spring Revival With Pastor Jerry Ross (2022)

The Kingdom of Heaven From God’s Prospective Pastor Jerry Ross


Why Did I Hear That Cry For Help Pastor Jerry Ross


What Every Person Needs To Know About The Rapture Pastor Jerry Ross 



Spring Revival With Bro. Steve Epley (2021)

Prayer Bro. Steve Epley April 25, 2021


Jesus Is The Answer Bro Steve Epley April 25, 2021


  Ask Any Thing In My Name Bro Steve Epley   


The View From The Closet Bro. Steve Epley  


Why Didn’t God Kill Aaron Bro. Steve Epley  


Die To Self Bro. Steve Epley  



Fall Bible Conference With Pastor Clanney & Pastor Fugate (2022)

Yet It Pleased The Lord To Bruise Him Pastor Clanney


God Works In Us To Work Through Us Pastor Fugate


I want My Life To Count For Jesus Pastor Clanney


I Don’t Want Jesus To Fail Pastor Fugate



Fall Bible Conference With Bro. Steve Hart (2018)


“Rejoicing In The Vine” Bro. Jeremiah Hart 


“Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree” Bro. Steve Hart 


“Have Faith In God” Bro. Steve Hart


“Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness” Bro. Steve Hart

(Note this has some audio issues in the first few minutes)


“Prayer, Ask What I Shall Give You” Bro. Steve Hart 


“A Study Of Simon” Bro. Steve Hart


“Where Are You At With God” Bro. Steve Hart


“Paul’s Present” Bro. Steve Hart



Putting Christ Back Into Christmas With Evangelist Chris Dallas (2018)

“Remember Hell”


“Getting Past Your Past” 


“Walking With God”



Putting Christ Back Into Christmas With Evangelist Chris Dallas (2017)



Some Things You See When You Come By Calvary


How Do We Get To A Place Of No Faith


It Is Good For Us To Be Here 



Spring Bible Conference With Bro. Steve Hart (2020)

“The Peace of God” 






“How Are You Handling Your Storm”


“How Is Your Walk With God”


“The Spirit”


“Nathans Parable”


“I Will Bless The Lord at all Times”



Spring Bible Conference With Bro. Maury Gibson (2019)

“Moreover His Mother Made Him A Little Coat”


“What is Iniquity”


“Are You a Second Mile Christian”


Did You Choose This Day To Serve The Lord”


Stepping Over The Message”


“She Hath Done What She Could”


“Guide My Heart”



Spring Bible Conference With Bro. Steve Hart (2017)

“How To Last The Last Days” Bro. Steve Hart


“And Sitting Down They Watched Him There” Bro. Steve Hart


“Why The Two Touches” Bro. Steve Hart


“Sower And Seed” Bro. Steve Hart 


“We May Know That We Have Eternal” Life Bro. Steve Hart


“Why God Can Be Angry Against The Prayer Of His Children”  Bro. Steve Hart 


“What Manner Of Man Is This?”  Bro. Steve Hart 



Spring Bible Conference With Bro. Scott Baker (2016)

Seed Time and Harvest  

Problems Pitfalls and Perils in the Promised Land

We Want To Be Like All of The Other Nations

The Lion, The Donkey and The Dead Man Bro. Scott Baker

“Compromise My Kill You”


Tent Meeting with Evangelist Jason Kendrick (2016)

You Better Get Ready He’s Coming Evangelist Jason Kendrick 


As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord Evangelist Jason Kendrick 


Grieving The Comforter Evangelist Jason Kendrick 


Who Cares If They Go To Hell Evangelist Jason Kendrick September 27 2016


What Kind Of Soldier Are You Evangelist Jason Kendrick September 28 2016


Stand And The Lord Will Evangelist Jason Kendrick September 29 2016


The Church Service in Hell Evangelist Jason Kendrick September 30 2016



Tent Meeting with Evangelist Jason Kendrick (2013)

“Examine Yourself” Evangelist Jason Kendrick 


“I Desire Him” Evangelist Jason Kendrick

“Get back to the Old Time way” Evangelist Jason Kendrick

“What is Your Soul worth” Evangelist Jason Kendrick


“From Moab to Boaz” Evangelist Jason Kendrick

“Has God Lived Up To Your Expectations” Evangelist Jason

“Stop Sinner Stop” Evangelist Jason Kendrick



Men’s Retreat 2019

“Quitters Miss The Blessing” Pastor Don Letson


“Is Christ The Head In My Life” Pastor Dave Brown



“The Loving Father” Pastor Chris Jennette


“Reasons For Staying In The Battle” Pastor John Roberson



Men’s Retreat 2018

“The Psalm One Man” Pastor John Robertson 


“For Consider Him” Bro. Steve Hart 



When God Does The Dishes” Bro. Jeremiah Hart


“One Man Making a Difference” Bro. Steve Hart 



Men’s Retreat 2017

1. Praying for the Heart of Your Children Pastor Chris Jenette September 29 2017


2. Will You Be the Man Gods Looking For Pastor Lonnie Mattingly September 29 2017


3. Trading Gold For Brass Pastor Paul Frederick September 30 2017


4. The Daily Inward Renewing Of Man Pastor Lonnie Mattingly September 30 2017


Men’s Retreat 2016

“What Are Your Deepest Desires” Bro. Mark Wilkerson October 7 2016


“Leaders” Pastor Tony Hutson October 7 2016


Bro. Andrew McKay October 8 2016


“Might Men” Pastor Tony Hutson October 8 2016


Summer Bible Conference Bro. Darrell Hayes (2019)

July 21 -25


1. The Promises of God 


2. Having A Relationship With Christ 


3. Running The Wrong Way



4. He Knows



5. By Grace Are You Saved



6. If



7. Eternal Life


Bro. Darrell Hayes (2015)

Sunday School August 16 2015

1. The One Thing That Is Needful

Sunday Morning Church Service August 16 2015

2. Call Unto Him And He will Answer Thee

Sunday Evening Church Service August 16 2015

 3.  God Help Us Be Obedient


Monday Evening Church Service August 17 2015

4. Draw Nigh To Me and Ill Draw Nigh To You


Tuesday Evening Church Service August 18 2015

5. Giving God What You Got 


Wednesday Evening Church Service August 19 2015

6. Encourage One Another

Thursday Evening Church Service August 20 2015

7. Pray Until Light Breaks Through

Fall Bible Conference With Bro. Tom Sooter (2019)

Sunday November 3 2019



“The Difference Between Cares and Burdens”


“Why do Good Kids Go Bad” 


Monday November 4 2019

“Gods Never Gets In A Hurry But Major Changes Happen Suddenly”


Tuesday November 5 2019

“The Vine Trees”


Wednesday November 6 2019

“Path of Problem”


Spiritual Gifts Conference With Bro. Tom Sooter (2017)

Sunday September 17 2017

1. Gods Body Stamp 


2. 3 People That Made Critical Decisions


3. How God “Wires” Children


Monday September 18 2017

4. Spiritual Gifts 1 Thru 3


Tuesday September 19 2017

5. Spiritual Gifts 4 Thru 7


Wednesday September 20 2017

6. Are You Right Or Left


Tom Sooter Conference (2015)

April 5 2015

1. Sunday Morning Service


2. Sunday Night Service  “Birth, Crucifixion & Resurrection”

April 6 2015

3. Monday Night Service  “Satan’s Greatest Weapon”


April 7 2015

4. Tuesday Night Service  “Unbelieving Believer”

April 8 2015

5. Wednesday Night Service  “God’s 3 Laws Body , Soul & Spirit ”

Tom Sooter Conference on the Family (2014)


1 – 3 Cars to Drive to Maturity Tom Sooter

2 – How God Wires Children Tom Sooter


3 –
Song of Solomon “The Song of Songs” Tom Sooter


4 – Song of Solomon “Submit to Your Spouse” Tom Sooter


5 – The Mystery Train Ride Tom Sooter