Our Missionaries

Benji and Kerri Dryden
Missionaries to Port-de-Paix, Haiti
email: benjidrydenfamily@yahoo.com

Jeremy and Amanda Tyler
Missionaries to Brazil
email:  jeremy@tylersinbrazil.com

John and Julie Kokenzie
Missionaries to Brazil


Randy and Kay Tharp
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Joe and Lisa Kotvas Family
Missionaries to the Deaf — Peru, South America & Beyond

Don and Bridgett Dryden
Missionaries to Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Rodney and Amanda Lane Family
Missionaries to Mexico

Mary Johnston
Missionaries to Haiti & Dominican Republic

Jim and Phyllis Childress
Missionaries to Panama

Dr. Edgar and Rosann Feghaly
Missionaries to the Middle East

Michael and Tina Rains
Missionaries in Kenya, East Africa

Jason and Amanda Hamby
Missionaries to Quebec, Canada

Bruce and Jeanne Rice
Missionaries to Phillipines
email: brphbimi@yahoo.com

Dana Dice
Missionaries to New York City

Wayne McCray
Missionaries to US Military in Europe

Jorge Noriega
Missionaries to Las Vegas, Nevada

Charles and Oleen Tinsley
Missionaries to Cyprus


Allen McFall
Missionaries to Central Asia

Dan and Teresa Garlick
Missionaries to La Espada

Nelson and Cathy Dorr
Missionaries to Sonora, Mexico

Rodney Ruppel
Missionaries to Cambodia

Andy and Jill Schultz Family
Missionaries to Zambia, Africa


Richard Weaver Family
Missionaries to Scotland