Why We Use The KJV Bible

The King James Bible is the most reliable translation of the English Bible given to man.  It has been translated from more reliable texts, and the methodology and men used to translate the King James Bible is trustworthy and sure.  We can be confident that it is the correct Bible for the church to use in preaching and teaching.  We believe the King James Bible contains the inspired, inerrant, infallible, and complete words of God. 

Some will say that the King James Bible is harder to understand, but a review of the difficulty of the reading level would say otherwise.  The King James Bible has a comparable grade reading level to other translations.   Other translations of the Bible are forced to change a certain amount of the original text in order to preserve a copyright.  This being noted, modern translations of the Bible that come at or around the King James Bible omit verses, phrases, change words, verse intentions, and are wholly unreliable.

There must be one right answer.  The Bible says God is not the author of confusion.  Modern translations have cast doubt upon whether we truly have the Word of God.  I assure you we do in the King James Bible.  Without it, we would have no knowledge of Christ.  Comparing scripture to scripture modern translations may some times seem to be more clear to understand, but they sacrifice many of the immutable truths of Bible doctrine.  The virgin birth, deity of Christ, and commandments of God all are undermined in newer translations.  This is why we believe and trust the King James Bible.